Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tat Soi Likes It Cold

It's a good thing tat soi likes it cold. Those seeds i sowed 2 days ago now have an inch of snow on top of them.

The directions on the package say to sow tat soi 8 weeks before the last frost. Where? i wonder. Under 2 feet of snow? On top of frozen soil? How do you even find the dirt in late February or early March?

Oh, well. I found the dirt in April, and that will have to do.

In the meditation hall on retreat, I like to plant myself in the coolest part of the room, near an open window, if possible. I sit down on my cushion and take off my light fleece jacket while other people are wrapping themselves in shawls. I take off my socks because socks = sleep for me. Yes, it seems a bit cool to start with, but soon enough, my body warms up with a bit of joy.

Some like it warm, and some like it cool. Like tat soi.

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