Monday, April 6, 2015

Rooted in the Practice

My geranium cuttings have roots! After many years and many methods, i have found a rooting method that works. Last month, i put my geranium cuttings in a pint jar filled with a mixture of sand, vermiculite, and a little perlite. I poured in as much water as the jar would hold. That's it. No more water.

A month later, 95% of the cuttings have roots--a lot of roots. None have rotted.

In the past, i have tried Rootone, which is okay, but doesn't yield these kinds of roots. I have tried water; about half the cuttings rot. I have tried plain vermiculite. I have tried dirt.

I feel thrilled to have found a rooting method that really works.

Where do we root ourselves in our meditation practice? We try this teacher or that teacher, this method or that method. When we find a practice where we can root ourselves to the cushion and stay there for a chunk of time, then we know our practice will soon yield results. As Shinzen Young says, "The longer we practice, the deeper we practice."

Are you ready to add one minute to your time on this cushion this week? And don't leave mindfulness on the cushion behind you. Can you root yourself in mindfulness as you go about your day?

Rooted in mindfulness, we will be able to really see a beautiful blooming geranium.

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