Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gardening--A Cancer Preventative

A friend recommended Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do. The author, a cancer survivor who at one point was told he had 30 days to live, has talked with thousands of cancer survivors. This slim, easy-to-read volume is the distillation of all those conversations.

He delineates 8 overall strategies, including medical treatment, diet, and community of support. He also includes Purpose & Play.

"Survivors balance this deep sense of purpose with play. It's more than fun; it's something much deeper, a cultivation of joy.... I am struck by the large number who enjoy gardening...."

That's you and me, my friend. We are cultivating joy. We en-JOY gardening.

Notice joy when you go out to the garden today, even if you are only walking by a flowerbed on the way to your car.

Feel the joy in your body.

We are playing in the garden, and Nature speaks to us silently, deeply, subconsciously of life and death. It happens every day, every minute. Life unfolding and changing.

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