Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pruned Lilacs

The lilacs have finished blooming, so some neighbors are taking this opportunity to prune their very tall lilacs. They cut one-third of the stems (i.e., 3 of the 9 stems) back to the ground. This leaves them with 2/3 of their former bush.

Some people amputate their lilacs, which makes for a stubby look. I prefer the beautiful vase shape of lilac suckers, blooming at nose-height.

When we relinquish our stuff--whether material stuff or mental stuff--it feels awkward to begin with. How do i not say an unkind thing that's on the tip of my tongue? But the more we give up the old habit, the better we feel.

Eventually, something blooms in our life--people invite us out more often or someone confides in us. They do this because we feel safe, and we make them feel safe. We have let go of our high and mighty ways and come down to earth. All it takes is a little pruning.

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