Monday, June 15, 2015

The Old Garden Cart

The tire on my garden cart is permanently flat, and i can't get it off its axle. The screws that hold the U-brackets that hold the axle in place are well-rusted. That's understandable: my cart is 35 years old. If a cart ages 2 years for every human year, i can forgive it for its parts rusting. My joints are rusting too.

The cart suffered an accident last year. It was standing innocently near the compost pile, when i backed my car into the cart, and now it is permanently si-fodling--it rolls on a slight diagonal.

I too limp a bit when i first get out of bed in the morning, favoring one side over the other.

Ahhh, my old garden cart needs to go to the cart-hospital for a little air in its pneumatic tubes, which probably need to be replaced.

Aging--me and my good friend, my garden cart.

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