Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Garden Cart

I have been desperate for my ailing garden cart for more than a week, so, on Sunday, i drove to the garden store to buy a new one. When i saw the design of my old garden cart in lavender, i was smitten.

I plunked down my credit card and was driving Lavender home within 10 minutes. Oh, i do like fast shopping.

Of course, every good thing is accompanied by trouble. And this beauty had flat tires. Fortunately i could pump those up with an air pump that plugs into the power outlet (formerly called the cigarette lighter) of a car.

Lavender and i roll out to the vegetable garden a couple of times a day. Oh, do we have a good time!

Her older, aging, faded sister (see yesterday's post) is waiting to go to rehab. I haven't answered the question of what i'm going to do with a wonky, old garden cart. You might just cut her misery short and send her to the landfill. But i'll keep her limping along as long as i can.

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