Friday, May 31, 2019

A Bear Smells My Flowers

I was muddling through meditation this morning--the mind tired but not sleepy. So i opened my eyes into Awareness and began noting out loud. "Open." "Wide open." "Free." "Seeing all." "Seeing knows seeing." "Big black splotch ambling in the woods." "Bear." Bear?

I grabbed my smartphone and clicked away. I now have 25 photos of a bear in my back yard, on my patio, and climbing the garden stairs. Looking for food, of course. Of which, there was none.

We too go sniffing around our old familiar haunts looking for the "food" that tasted so good--whether that's actual food or the food of the senses--seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, smelling, tasting.

The bear is driven by desire, and so are we.

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