Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wet Watercress

Watercress growing on mossy rocks with nearby rock cress
Watercress is growing on the wet rocks leading into my fish pond. Eva gave me watercress several years ago. Hers grew in the brook near her house and was 3 feet tall. That's a lot of watercress sandwiches!

My watercress grows low in a tiny rivulet of water. My watercress is about 3 inches tall and dense with leaves. What fun to harvest perennial salad greens in my front yard.

The watercress happens to be growing right next to rock cress. One wet plant. One dry plant. The rock cress is blooming now. I try to harvest the watercress before it blooms.

We each need a different habitat. Some of us bloom early; some later. No use comparing, though that's what the mind automatically does.

The watercress doesn't compare itself to its neighbor, the rock cress.

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