Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The End of Gardening Season

A gardener comes to work in my garden for a few hours each week. Elisha weeds and deadheads. In October, she helps my sweetie stack 5 cords of wood. Since he is particular and she is easy-going, and i am neither particular nor easy-going, this arrangement works well for all concerned.

Yesterday was Elisha's last day of work this year--my official sign that gardening season is over. It's always hard to let her go; i won't see her now for 5 months.

I decided to hire a gardener when i was on a 6-week silent retreat some years ago. I saw how much vicarious joy the vegetable and flower garden at the retreat center gave me. Yet, i also knew all too well, the daily dissatisfaction i experienced in my own garden because my body couldn't keep up with the desires of the mind. "Prune this." "Rake that." "Plant this." "Weed that."

Elisha does these tasks joyfully, and thereby allows me to en-joy the garden.

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