Monday, November 22, 2010

Re-inventing Kale

The winter crops are few, but precious. If we subscribed to the macrobiotic view, we would be automatic localvores, eating only what is in season.

Kale becomes November's zucchini. How many ways can you cook or disguise kale?

I've just started de-ribbing the kale--stripping the leaf off the stem. This makes for a more spinachy-y look and feel (but not quite taste) when steamed or added to soup or to quiche.

The first year i grew kale, goats lived in the neighboring field. Feeding the extra kale to the goats was fun.

Our meditation practice needs some inventiveness to keep it interesting, to keep it fresh. I'm currently fascinated by the noting method of Shinzen Young. What keeps you interested? In gardening or in meditation?

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