Friday, November 19, 2010

Mum Season

This chilly, but not too freezing, season is perfect for mums. In September, i bought 2 pots for the front step. They petered out, and while i was on retreat at the end of October, my sweetie bought 2 more pots.

Every year, i plant the old mums somewhere in the garden. Once in a while they survive. This is the season when i reap my mum harvest and cut mum bouquets from my garden that last up to 3 weeks.

What meditation technique is best for me? This can be a nagging question for meditators. "Which ever technique works" is the flippant answer.

We try various approaches--Zen, Dzogchen, Vipassana. Breath meditation, body scan, mindful movement. Noting, open awareness, or concentration.

Like mums in the fall, we keep planting various techniques into our meditation. If we are diligent, after a while, we notice that one survives and blooms.

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