Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pumpkin Soup

The pumpkins that decorated the doorstep in October came indoors after Halloween and were beginning to look the worse for wear. So the day after Thanksgiving (go figure) i baked 2 of the pumpkins. I scraped out the flesh of one, pureed it, and froze it for future pumpkin soup.

The other--a white pumpkin--lent itself to dicing. So i sauteed a quarter of the pale yellow flesh with red onions and added dried cranberries for a festive look. Another quarter went into Thai curry with a coconut milk base. The remaining half is awaiting inspiration.

The Buddha said the mind without mindfulness is like a pumpkin. Placed on a river, the pumpkin soon floats away. The mind with mindfulness is like a stone that drops into water and sinks.

Tell me how pumpkin inspires you, and we'll both cook mindfully. Perhaps making a delicious "stone soup" by first of all adding pumpkin.

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