Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hunting Season

It's hunting season here in the north woods. Time to wear bright orange or dayglo yellow when i go for a walk. Neighbor dogs tie red bandanas around their necks so that they won't be mistaken for a deer or a bear.

The subject is deer. Those sweet Banbis who graze in our yards. They are so overpopulated (30 per square mile instead of the optimum 18) that they are desperate for food. Our rhododendrons suffer. My star magnolia has a "waist" at deer nose height where all the buds and branches have been nibbled.

Deer also carry deer ticks, which in turn carry Lyme disease. More and more people lose their energy due to Lyme disease. More and more people are afraid to walk in the woods--not because of the hunters, but because of a little creature the size of a pinhead.

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