Monday, February 14, 2011

A Blooming Basket

I'm an inveterate plant saver--sometimes i save them; sometimes i don't.

Last spring i bought a hanging basket chock-full of pink petunias, purple verbena, and silver-leaved helicrysum. A month later, all their tongues were hanging out. If i missed a day of watering, all the flowers looked cooked. I divided the planter in half, and both planters limped along. By the end of the summer, one sprig of verbena remained in one basket.

I brought it indoors in September. Now, 5 months later, the pot is full of green leaves and 2 delicious purple blooms.

Our meditation practice can feel very full and blooming after we've put ourselves in the "greenhouse" of a retreat. Then we come home, and life's frictions heat us up. We come dragging home from work with our tongues hanging out.

Re-commit to the regular watering of meditation practice, and within a short time, you too will be blooming.

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