Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hibernating at Home

Due to snow, all schools and events have been cancelled for the past 2 days. Even though i have a 4-wheel drive truck (for hauling gardening stuff, of course!) and have been able to drive wherever i needed, i have mostly opted to hibernate at home. It's rather nice to pretend i am snowbound and take the opportunity to renounce the world.

Today i wanted to go to a Garden Writers meeting in Boston, but i heard the streets of Boston are flooded (and freezing into ice rinks) due to frozen drains to the storm sewers. I decided to stay home rather than go skating in my car along with a city's worth of other skating cars.

Renunciation is one of the 10 perfections (paramis or paramitas)--supreme qualities that we practice. After all, practice makes perfect(ion).

But renunciation is SO counter-cultural, just the word "renunciation" is enough to make someone scrunch up their face, wrinkle their nose, and go "Ooooh. I don't think i want any of that." (Thereby renouncing renunciation!)

I love these snow days because they give me an excuse to renounce the world, to hibernate with the Dharma, to meditate and to read, to prune my activities way back, so that in the spring, i can spring into action.

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