Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shopping for Plants

When i go shopping--even for plants--there comes a moment when i feel slightly removed, slightly dissociated from my surroundings. I try to remember my intention: to buy! But really, i can't whip up the enthusiasm i had 10 minutes ago.

What has happened is that i have been overwhelmed by all the possibilities and all the choices. My craving has been satiated--just by looking! I am actually ready to leave--sans plants. I don't "need" anything or anything more, my body tells me.

But my mind has the last word--as it always does. "You drove 45 minutes to get here, so make the best use of your time and buy something." "You came here specially for...."

The mind overrides the wisdom of the body, the natural mindfulness of the body that is saying, "I'm full of sights and scents. It's time to push away from the sales tables."

The mind, however, has fallen into mindlessness. "More. More. More." The mind moves the body robotically through the aisles, and turns its head to look and look some more.

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