Friday, July 15, 2011

Children in the Garden

Children are coming to the garden this weekend, and i feel like Santa's elf. Or maybe the Easter bunny's elf? I'm forgoing my own harvest for a couple of days, so the children can have the joy finding cherry tomatoes! Green beans! Going out to the garden with children turns into a treasure hunt.

11-year-old Chloe has been a serious cook for the past 5 years, so she will enjoy finding bok choy, kale, and the various greens such as mizuna and cress.

We will probably pull an onion and a garlic for flavor.

Before they leave, we will pick bouquets of flowers that their mother can take home with her.

Sharing the garden and the joy of the garden is a form of generosity. The joy of giving from the garden is so easy. And it will circle right back into all of us when Chloe prepares the Saturday evening meal.

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