Friday, July 1, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing

I finally managed to overwhelm the Thursday evening meeting of Perennial Swappers. I took a triple-decker truckload of plants and came home with merely a truckload.

Now i'm going to overwhelm my "add-to" compost bin that has already reached the top.

Too much of a good thing shows us yet another angle on how the pleasant can become unpleasant. Perennial Swappers is a fun meeting where gardeners can give away whatever they have too much of. Last evening everyone filled their buckets and bags, their trunks and station wagons. The first-timer new gardener went home with enough to keep her busy this holiday weekend.

New plants = pleasant
Free new plants = pleasant
Too many plants = a lot of work = unpleasant
For me, too many plants = a lot of hauling = unpleasant

After Perennial Swappers, i stopped at a friend's house.
"I need a plant for this area," she said, pointing to a little patch of shady bare earth.
"I've got something for you," i said, leading her to my truck, laden with pre-compost plants. "Here. Have a Pulmonaria," i said with a smile.

One more plant shared with a friend = pleasant.

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