Monday, July 4, 2011

Pollinating Our Meditation Practice

Opium poppies (Papaver somniflorum) are blooming magnificently, and i cut a bucketful every morning. By the time i arrive at the cutting bed, dozens of honeybees are buzzing around the flowers and rolling around in these watermelon-colored poppies.

These flowers are so beautiful, i'd roll around in them too, if i could.

How do we pollinate our meditation practice? If we want our practice to bear fruit, which is a really tasty way to disperse seeds, then we study and we practice.

"Study" may be as simple as reading this blog or my book The Meditative Gardener. You probably already read other inspirational books as well. Download a Dharma talk and listen to it in the car or while you are preparing dinner.

Practice includes daily sitting, a weekly meditation with other people, and an annual meditation retreat of at least 7 days. (I commit to a month-long retreat and four 5-day retreats every year.)

We also practice wholesome qualities such as patience, generosity, and kindness. Pollinating these flowers helps us bloom where we are planted.

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