Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flower Pots at the Front Door

Now that summer has heated up, plants in containers need daily watering. How do you feel about the daily watering? Pleasant? Or unpleasant?

Some mornings, watering the 9 pots at the front door is fun. I fuss over the pink polka-dot plant, picking off yellowing leaves, or i turn the magenta geranium so that the flowers show off their blossoms to visitors.

Some days, watering the plants is a chore. Two containers in particular have soil that dries out fast. On those unpleasant days, i plot how i wouldn't have to water so often if the containers didn't have holes in the bottoms of their pots.

Chances are, the personality that sees the daily watering as pleasant is constantly chasing after the pleasant, always adjusting the inner thermostat to "pleasant." This so-called "greedy" personality type might decide to practice the antidotes of generosity or renunciation.

The personality who hates watering or tries to avoid it is constantly pushing away the unpleasant. This so-called aversive personality type might decide to practice loving-kindness, compassion (for oneself!) or patience.

However you diagnose your personality, the trick is not to be averse to the aversion (or to greed). Simply hold that thought (and it is only a thought) with mindfulness, without judgment. How does that thought feel? How does wanting more feel? How does pushing away the unpleasant feel?

I'm enjoying the flowerpots at the front door, and my inner artist likes to slightly rearrange the picture every morning.

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