Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wilting in the Heat of Ill-Will

Summer has arrived, so i have to sneak my gardening in by late morning, before the sun becomes too hot. When the temperature rises above 79 degrees, i begin to wilt.

5 things wilt our mindfulness:
  • sense desire
  • ill-will
  • sleepiness & lethargy,
  • restlessness & anxiety
  • doubt

Over time we become familiar with these 5 hindrances, and in particular, our own "likely suspects."

My 2 most common visitors are ill-will and sleepiness. Recently i spent most of a 45-minute sit lost in thoughts of unfairness (a.k.a. ill-will toward someone).

Then it's time to water the present moment with mindfulness. "Oh. This is what ill-will feels like," noticing the contraction in my left buttocks as i think the same thought over and over again.

Relax into the present moment where there is no fear and nothing to be irritated at. Really. Take a close look at that repetitious thought in the shade of your closed eyes.

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