Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vitamins for Tomatoes

I have 2 trugs of manure tea in the vegetable garden.
"Manure tea?" Visitors to my garden wrinkle their noses, as if this tea is a medicine they should take.
"For the tomatoes," i explain, and their faces relax.
"Oh," they say, as they exhale with relief.

I make manure tea by filling a trug (or bucket) 1/3 full of manure, then topping off with water and letting it steep for several days. After "watering" the plants, i refill the trug with water again.

The tomato plants don't tell me how manure tea tastes, but the adolescent plants are just beginning to bud with fruit and they are all gangling out of their 4-foot tall cages. I'm guessing their dose of liquid vitamins works.

We take our daily vitamins too to keep our bodies strong. A daily dose of meditation has a positive effect on our daily life. Vitamin c (for calm), vitamin h (for happiness). Maybe you notice the effect of vitamin a- (for anxiety reduction). I especially like the effect of vitamin i- because it reduces my irritation, particularly with the person i live with.

Let's fertilize our positive qualities by quelling the unskillful ones.

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