Thursday, September 27, 2012

Annuals Face Certain Death

I overwinter several annuals: begonias and geraniums bloom indoors throughout the snowy months. Rosemary and lemongrass add flavor to cooking.

In May, i plant these tender plants into a flower bed or into the herb garden. While i'm at it, i plant other houseplants as ornamental edgings into various flowerbeds--spider plant babies, purple wandering jew, and Zebrina, a burgundy and green striped wandering jew.

Now, it's time to dig them up, put them in pots, and bring them indoors. I select one or two of each variety for indoors; the rest stay outdoors to face certain death in less than a month.

I saw a 53-year-old gardening friend yesterday who looks about 93. She has given her third diagnosis of cancer a good long run, but her body faces certain death in less than a month. I know her meditation practice sustains her. She follows instruction from a Buddhist monk, whom she calls frequently.

Friends, such as i, have fallen by the wayside as her energy reserves run close to empty. One meditating friend sees her every day.

What shall we bring indoors to be close to us when we face an imminent and certain killing frost?

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