Friday, September 21, 2012

Transplanting Our Values

A local garden club is having a plant sale next weekend--an idea i hardily approve. September and October are excellent months for gardening--a great time for dividing, transplanting, cleaning up the flowerbeds, and even working on a new garden project.

Meanwhile, garden tours have ceased, and some nurseries have already closed their garden gates--Closed for the Season.

As some of us approach the end of our working life, how shall we divide and transplant the knowledge, wisdom, and skills we've acquired?

Being generous with our time and our skills, perhaps volunteering to serve others, is a great way to transplant our values and intentions.

What's most important to you?
How can you pass that along to another generation?

The Dharma is most important to me, and i'm teaching 3 classes this fall :)
But now, i'm going out to the garden to dig perennials for the plant sale.

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