Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sun and Shade

In the summer, i go out to the garden in the early morning. By 10:00, the heat of the sun drives me into the shade.

Now, in the autumn, i stay indoors until the sun rises above the trees surrounding my house. Now i go out to the garden in the middle of the day. When the long shadows of nearby trees begin to cover the lawn, i seek out the last sunny spots and do my gardening there.

Sometimes working in the sun is pleasant; sometimes, unpleasant.
Sometimes shade is pleasant; sometimes, unpleasant.

Pleasant and unpleasant rule our actions. This gut response decides for us, then the mind (a.k.a. the ego) takes ownership and tried to define itself. "I'm a sun worshipper." or "I try to stay out of the sun."

But really, we are not one or the other. Most often, we are both...and.

I am loving these warm autumn days with a cool breeze blowing.

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