Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The houseplants came indoors yesterday after a good long summer recess of more than 4 months.

The Dieffenbachia looks great. The banana tree is nearly 6 feet tall.

I had to make some hard decisions. There's just not enough room in my jam-packed solarium for the 4-foot tall jade plant. I'm sending it off to the Plant Sale on Saturday. But first, i sawed off a side shoot, which was 18 inches tall; i'm keeping that little(r) plant.

The bird-of-paradise, which blooms when it is pot-bound, busted out of its pot this summer. I divided it into 4 pots, one of which i'll keep.

Change. Change of season. Change of plants. Change of plans--the re-potting took longer than expected.

All around us, life is in a constant flux of change. Although we don't notice it, we, too, are constantly changing. You've already changed your clothes and changed your mind about something (maybe about the clothes you're wearing :). Breath has changed; blood has changed; bodily fluids have changed--some of been eliminated, some have been added. I'm drinking tea as i write this.

Summer vacation is well and truly over. Some day, the summer of our life will drift away.
Welcome fall.

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