Sunday, December 22, 2013



50 degree weather is evaporating 16 inches of snow.

Doing walking meditation this morning at Vermont Insight Meditation Center, it was so foggy i couldn't see anyone else. I knew there were a dozen people nearby, but where? I felt alone. Other people were invisible. Cars, trees, buildings--gone.

We walk around in the fog of delusion for most of our lives, unable to see clearly the truth of what is. We make up our own stories and call them opinions. Then we believe what our minds tell us and define ourselves by those same opinions.

Wouldn't we love to see clearly? Wouldn't we love to see what is?

Seeing things as they really are.
Every bit of our experience is defined by 3 characteristics:
  • impermanence
  • stress
  • not self
But we'd rather walk around in a fog, and pretend that things are stable, pleasant, and substantial. Just a figment of our active imaginations.

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