Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Right Tool

The right tool for planting bulbs in the  semi-frozen ground is the Spear Head Spade. This narrow, pointy shovel is great for dividing root-y plants, like hostas, that you would otherwise want to take the hatchet to. At this time of year, it's narrow point is good for breaking through the 2-inch frozen crust of earth to get to the dirt underneath and dig a hole for bulbs.

I love having the right tool for the job, and my shed is full of tools so that when i'm ready to do a particular job, i can grab the right implement.

The right tool for our daily life is mindfulness. Yes, we also have many other tools available to us--loving-kindness, compassion, non-judgmentalness, sensory clarity. Choose the right tool for the job. Let's implement mindfulness today. Now.

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