Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Centerpiece

At Garden Club on Monday evening, i made a holiday centerpiece. I stationed myself right next to the floral designer so i could receive step-by-step instructions. What's the strategy for filling the oasis (that green floral foam) with greens?

Once the cedar, boxwood, and balsam fir looked lush, i was on my own as to design. I used 3 carnations, 3 glittery peacock feathers, 3 pine cones i spray painted with silver glitter, and a batch of baby's breath. Oh, and a candle.

When we're learning meditation, it's good to get step-by-step instructions from someone who knows how.

I tried not to look at what other women were doing in baskets and vases. Some people are really artistic, their creations looked really festive, and, well, i'm....

Let's not believe what the comparing mind is saying. The mind holds onto negative thoughts like Velcro. I could just enjoy my centerpiece, which actually looks pretty good standing alone on the dining table.

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