Tuesday, December 10, 2013

White Roots Growing Underground

"Honey, it's cold outside."

Even so, white roots are growing underground. I can see this when i go to my freezer in the basement and glance at those 50 hyacinths in forcing vases on the floor. Their white roots are slowly growing in water. The growing tips of the bulbs show tiny green.

Since i can't see what's happening with my tulip bulbs in pots in the garage, i have to trust that their roots are growing too. So far, the temperature in the garage hasn't dropped below the mid-30s--perfect for the bulbs, as long as i keep them watered.

Even just a little mindfulness meditation changes our DNA by reducing our inflammatory response to stress.

Ease your mind as this stressful season gathers force, and grow your roots of mindfulness.

Photo from morestylethancash.com

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