Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Frosty Leeks

I walked out to the vegetable garden yesterday morning and dug up the leeks. The crusty snow insulated the ground in the last few hours above freezing. Now i have a handful of leeks safe and sound in the refrigerator instead of locked in the embrace of frozen Mother Earth as the temperature plummets into the single digits this morning.

Before our unskillful thoughts and actions "freeze" into bad habits, it's time to dig them out. Oh, it's not easy, trudging through our inner landscape, which can feel bleak.

The sassy comeback can feel so good. Practice biting your tongue, cooling your heels. Perhaps it will lead to less regret.
The quick defensive response to blame just hurls a hot potato back to the person who threw it at you. Practice holding the hot potato. (Ouch! That hurts.) Practice dropping it.

Keep digging around those unskillful thoughts and actions. Eventually, the ground won't be frozen. And neither will you.

Photo from oroedibles.com

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