Monday, June 23, 2014

The Proper Name for Goatsbeard

My favorite variety of goatsbeard (Aruncus dioicus kneiffii) is blooming. I burden you with the technical name because when i googled "goatsbeard," i couldn't find the image i was looking for.

I love this variety for its ferny foliage, which provides a lacy green background for the entire growing season. This week, it has the added attraction of the typical goatsbeard creamy white panicles floating above the foliage.

Aruncus, schmaruncus, you may think. What difference do those foreign words make, anyway? I can't remember them. And i certainly can't pronounce kneiffii. (K-neff-e-i)

Yet when we label our emotions, when we are mindful enough to label our emotions with a word--frustrated (with Latin names), happy (with beautiful flowers), calm, contracted or whatever the emotion may be--when we label our emotions, we actually sooth ourselves. Oh, i am feeling irritated.

We label the emotion. Then we feel the emotion. In this way, we are being kind to ourselves.

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