Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Butterfly Birthday

My December birthday day dawned a sunny 11 degrees with snow cover frozen into a white shield on the lawn and driveway. I wore STABILicers on my boots in order to walk the quarter-mile to my neighbor's for meditation at 8 a.m.

Back at home, sitting at the breakfast table, a butterfly fluttered against the window, trying to get closer to the sun. A butterfly? Inside the house? In December?

A butterfly is the best birthday present i've ever received.

The evanescent life of the butterfly, so short, so beautiful. Our lives, too, are too short and becoming shorter by the year. 

I love the metaphor of metamorphosis: the complete and utter change-of-being from caterpillar to butterfly. Miraculous! We too have the opportunity to experience an utter change of being: from born to unborn, from believing in death to the experience of the deathless. There are no words to describe this. The non-dual can only be spoken of in metaphor.

Practice meditation now, so that you too may experience the unborn, the deathless in the most unexpected way.

STABILicer--studded snow tires for your feet

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