Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Improve with Age

My neighbor, Lynn, whom i meditate with 5 mornings a week, made me a birthday card--a picture of a composter and a meditator.
Two things improve with age:    Yep. You're one of them.

Inside, the card says:
Two things improve with age.
Yep. You're one of them.

The other thing that improves with age is compost.

Not everyone we know improves with age. Wisdom, a quality you and i aspire to, depends on understanding our experience. Society and the media fog our vision and clog our ears so that we can't see or hear the truth of Life.

Mindfulness is the first step toward wisdom.  Sitting down and meditating enables us to slowly, over time, compost our life experience into wisdom.

Compost improves with age. And so do we.

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