Monday, December 29, 2014

The Garden of Generosity by Guest Bloggers--the staff of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

The Barre Center for Buddhist Studies has planted a garden.

Apart from how pretty it is and how much fun to walk around in and pull weeds from and play in the dirt of, it also provides lettuce, beets, tomatoes, radishes, squash, flowers.

The mind, too, is a garden.

And if the teachings of the Buddha are planted and properly cared for, they can yield rae and wonderful fruit.

Vegetables and flowers grow by themselves, but not without a little rain, a little sun, and a kind someone to clear the weeds away.

The heart-mind bends and tends towards wisdom and compassion, but not without proper guidance, study, and practice.

Just so, BCBS--this garden of gardens--cannot do what it does without the generosity of its many gardeners.

Please offer your financial support so that BCBS can continue to nurture and inspire and support all the heart-minds that come here to plant themselves in rows and in circles--to practice, to study, to connect, and to awaken.

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