Monday, December 1, 2014

Out of the Box

An amaryllis is growing out of its box at the garden store. "Help! Let me out of here," I can almost hear it crying. It wants to be planted in soil in a pot. The soil and the pot are in the box with the almost-flowering bulb. So near and yet so far.

Sometimes we'd like to break out of the box of our small lives. We'd like to grow into wide open space. When we' re young, we can travel--rootless, open, available. We can try on new personas, new jobs, new places.

Eventually, we do root into our adult lives--some of us younger, some later. We plant ourselves willingly, with a person or in a place or in a career. Meanwhile, the purpose of our lives wants out of the small place we confine ourselves to.

Look deeply. What's the purpose of your life?


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