Saturday, December 6, 2014

Planting Tulips in the Snow

The ground isn't frozen, but it's covered with snow. I could plant bulbs, but i can't see where to put them.

I feel frustrated. I've been buying bulbs at half price. But now what?

I've resigned myself to planting tulips in pots because chipmunks and voles eat tulip bulbs. Since i am now thinking of tulips as an annual, i can make the effort if i want to have tulips in the spring. Now, i can see the easiest thing to do is to start the other bulbs in pots too. Then, in the spring, when everything else is blooming, i'll know exactly where to put them.

Oops. Do i have enough pots for this project?

Stress comes in many disguises: snow cover, bulb planting, potting bulbs, chipmunks and voles.

Despite it all, i am driven by the image of beautiful tulips sitting in pots on my front step. Eustress--the stress of happiness.

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