Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big Basil and Little Basil

The basil in my Herb-Flower-Vegetable Medley Garden is looking great. It's ready to harvest. Meanwhile, the same basil in the vegetable garden is about 3 inches tall.

I planted them on the same day from the same 6-pack. What's the difference?

The Medley Garden is a brand-new garden just out the back door. Last fall, i filled the reconstructed beds with cow manure. The veggie garden basil? Hmmm. Well, maybe it didn't even get a dose of compost this year.

What kind of soil are you planted in? Is your life producing an abundance of joy? Or stress? Or both?

Our habits of mind can give rise to weedy thoughts of complaining or of wanting something else. Or we can focus on feelings of kindness, joy, and gratitude. Where are you placing your attention?

I'm focusing on the great-looking basil out the back door. And yes, i'm going to give some attention to that pathetic basil with some compost tea.

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