Thursday, July 11, 2013


It's raining so much that every morning we have warm fog as the moisture slowly evaporates into the 87% humid air.

As the day's temperature increases, the humidity decreases--until the next thunderstorm this afternoon. Our climate feels and smells like the tropics.

Doors and windows swell and stick. The slightest exertion, and i feel sticky too.

When thoughts stick to us, that's a clue that we are feeling stress. This is what stickiness feels like" inescapable, no way out.

Air-condition your mind by accepting what is.

Ask yourself: Is this thought any of my business? Or is it someone else's?

Even if a thought seems to be about "me" and "mine," it might be none of our business. Maybe we just have to wait for outer events and conditions to unfold.

Notice what a sticky mind feels like in the body. Notice where it "rubs" and "grabs" the body.
Then notice that the sticky thought is a thought.
It's just a thought.
And you can't hold onto that thought no matter how hard you try.

The door opens on the next thought.

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  1. Great post, helpful thoughts.

  2. I meditated with your blog today, and noticed that my little schnauzer enjoys your voice. She usually sits at my feet and scampers around, but today she sat still, and as she left my side I could barely hear her toenails click on the floor, almost as if she was trying to be especially quiet. It would be nice if she could find some peace, as well.