Friday, July 12, 2013

Going to Seed

Shall i let flowers go to seed? Or should i dead-head them right away?

Lupine seed pods
I am an inveterate starter of seeds, and as a result, my flowerbed look unkempt. I just cut the lupine stalks and spread their black seeds in a bed of wood chips. Columbine seeds are ripening, and i'm already thinking about next year's columbine crop.

All of May's beautiful money plant now looks faded and browning, but it is not yet silvery with age.
Columbine seed pods

Last evening i toured a beautiful and neat July garden. I come home to my straggling flowerbeds, some of which are booming with blooms and some of which look like way too many things are happening at the same time.

Shall i perpetuate the illusion of agelessness and only allow blooming flowers?
Or perhaps my flowerbeds, like me, are going to seed.

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  1. Cheryl, I'm a new follower, after the recommendation of two friends in Decatur, Georgia, who took a yoga class with you. Having read through many of your recent posts, I can see why they knew I would love your blog. It's lovely.Something wonderful about going to seed, unkempt or not. It's the way of things.