Monday, July 15, 2013

Weed? or Wildflower?

Queen Anne's Lace is blooming its flat, lacy, white flowers. My sweetie, the mower, considers it a weed. I remind him of the time we held hands and walked through a  field of Queen Anne's Lace.

Weed? Or wildflower?

How do we recognize the weeds/wildflowers in our daily life? People whom we love, opportunities that sprout in our lives. 

Stress is our clue. If we feel stress or distress, then that person/opportunity is a weed.
And if we feel divine--love, compassion, joy, gratitude, peace--then it's a wildflower.

My sweetie is a concert pianist--he attends 2-4 concerts every weekend. That feels too "weedy" to me; my limit is 1/weekend. While my sweetie basks in divine music, i take a walk in a field of wildflowers.

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  1. but many "weeds" are used for making healing tonics and elexirs. Sometimes one has to dwell a bit with a weed and maybe or maybe not the stress will dissolve and we will see the weed in a new way.

    Although that many concerts would be stressful for me too. Just sayin'