Monday, July 22, 2013

Sun-Drying Tomatoes in the Dehydrator You Already Own

Here comes the cherry tomato (sun) gold rush. And i've just heard of a great way to sun-dry those tomatoes--on the dashboard of my car.

Park your car in the sun. Place the fruit or vegetables in a shallow box and put it on the dashboard of your car on a sunny day.

Do you have some bad habits you'd like to dry up?

Park those in the steady warmth of non-judgmental mindfulness. Notice what happens just before and just after the bad habit appears.

How does your mouth taste after the sweet goodie? (Really feel/taste that.)
How does your body feel just before you open the refrigerator door? Really feel that.

No need for the mind to get involved with judging. Low-key mindfulness will have the insight.
Don't work (the mind) harder; work smarter.

I feel joy at the thought of sun-dried tomatoes.

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