Thursday, January 2, 2014


Gay, the pruner, came yesterday to prune the crabapple and the apple trees. She just shows up, sometime in January or February, and an hour later, 4 trees are pruned.

Under her care and guidance, the 2 old apple trees, that were growing in the woods when i bought this land 35 years ago, have actually produced apples. Our crabapple trees are loaded with blossoms in May.

Pruning goes to show us that less is more. Fewer branches means more flowers and more fruit.

What can we prune from our lives so that we have more fruit in our lives? And fewer busy detouring branches? So that we have more time for meditation. So that we have more calm. More mindfulness. (And maybe more money too.)

I just "pruned" one pile of paper last night. In less than an hour, an area of of two square feet was decluttered. Ahhh. That feels good.
Gay, the pruner

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