Friday, January 17, 2014

Rooting Dieffenbachia

My dieffenbachia came in a planter when my mother died, fourteen years ago today. Eventually, the plants outgrew their container, and i separated them into their own individual pots. The little dieffenbachia has limped along, always shedding its bottom leaves, and looking a bit undernourished in winter, but regaining its health every summer outdoors.

This week, i looked at it carefully and saw about 20 sprouts coming out of the pot, so i've cut off the leggy ones. Half i am rooting in water; the other half in soil.

Dieffenbachia was named to honor the head gardener of the Vienna Botanical Garden, Joseph Dieffenbach, in the mid-nineteenth century.

We honor the memory of our loved ones who have died, knowing that we, too, will follow them. 

"Death is certain.
The time of death is uncertain."

Knowing this, what's the most important thing for you to do today?

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