Friday, June 12, 2020

Blueberry Tents

Blueberries are good for you. Don't be afraid to grow them. - The ...
My neighbor has 2 dozen blueberry bushes in his front yard. He used to have one big net to throw over the whole patch, but now that the Drosophila fly has arrived (in 2010), he covers each bush indivdually to prevent the fly from laying its eggs in the berries of other bushes. In other words, he quarantines each bush separate from all the others.

We are all quarantining ourselves nowadays. Some of us actually enjoy this quiet relief from the busy, workaday world.

Whether or not our bodies are quarantined, it is important to quarantine our minds from the pests that cause worry, anxiety, anger, impatience, and frustration. What pesters your mind?

First of all, identify the pest. What contributes to your particular "pester"? The news? The neighbors? Thoughts of the future? Not knowing what is going to happen? Not knowing, not knowing, not knowing?

In as much as you are able, quarantine yourself from the pests. Turn off the news. Take some quiet time.

It's pretty darn quiet under those blueberry tents. No buzzing of pesky, tiny Drosophila flies.

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