Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Spike Garden

My spike garden is blooming--full of foxglove and 2 varieties of mullein.

I particularly like the white mullein, which i grew from seed i collected from some escapees from the local Putney Wildflower Nursery. The nursery is long gone, but a patch of white mullein and another patch of yellow thermopsis remain.

Speaking of which, i want to go collect thermopsis seeds for my spike-y garden.

What are the seeds you collect? Particularly those from your admirable, honorable friends. Kindness? Compassion? Patience?

I have one neighbor who is infinitely patient with the computer--which i am not. She offers her services to sit beside older people and assist them with getting what they want from their computer. I want to model myself after her.

The spike garden may sound sharp, but there's a lot of love out there.

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