Friday, June 26, 2020

Rotten Amaryllis Bulb

Nowadays, amaryllis in a box come with a plastic pot that has no hole in the bottom. This is a no-muss, no-fuss, and no mess way to plant your amaryllis.

My dozen amaryllises spend the summer outdoors in the shade being rained on occasionally. (In this drought, very occasionally.) So i was surprised to find a rotten amaryllis bulb--in one of those pots with no holes in the bottom. In my 25 years of keeping amaryllis bulbs from year to year, i've never seen a rotten bulb before. And last winter was the first time i had seen the pots with no holes in the bottom.

The amaryllis sellers are in the business of selling amaryllis, not in keeping my bulb alive from year to year. I am seduced by the ease of the clean pot and the peat moss potting soil. Plop the bulb in. Done.

Done, and then gone. For many people, this is sufficient. I've inherited some bulbs from people who can't be bothered with keeping the bulb and its strappy foliage over the summer.

Caveat emptor. If i want to keep my amaryllis bulbs, i need to put them in better flowerpots.

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