Sunday, June 14, 2020

Perennial Onions

Onion, Egyptian Walking Onion Seeds and Plants, Vegetable ...
I love walking onions because they are a perennial vegetable. They simply show up in my backdoor garden every year. In April, just when my supply of last year's onions is depleted, i walk out the back door, scissors in hand, and cut the big, green, scallion-like leaves. Then i walk back in the house and scissor the onion leaves into the skillet or the salad. So quick and easy.

What's the perennial wisdom that is always available to us? 

Love and kindness are the first things, no matter which religion you resonate with. When we plant seeds of love and kindness--even unknowingly, unwittingly--the fruits (and vegetables) of the spiritual life pop up in unexpected places.

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