Sunday, June 28, 2020

Garden Biceps

I know i have gardening feet, but now the masseuse tells me i have garden biceps. I smile. This is a good excuse for not going to exercise class in the spring and summer. Just as i suspected, gardening is a workout.

According to my Fitbit, i walk a mile an hour when i'm in exercise class, but also when i'm gardening. Now i know that hauling a plastic sled full of perennials uphill to my compost pile is as good as lifting weights.

Just as important as working out the body is the workout for the mind. It's called meditation. This is where we develop all sorts of wholesome qualities--kindness, generosity, patience, you name it.

A friend's sister died on Friday. She took 2 weeks to give up her body. She wasn't ready despite her dire cancer diagnosis.

Mother Earth reclaims all of us, regardless of the state of our biceps. Meanwhile, i plant and transplant for 2 or 3 hours every day.

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