Saturday, May 28, 2011

Aging Garden Bench

One of my garden benches sags when you sit on it and feels like it's going to collapse underneath you. That was enough of an excuse to buy a patio glider on sale at the nearby lumberyard.

I love gliders, even more than rocking chairs. I suppose it's that calming vestibular motion.

After we replaced the creaky bench, we took a good look at it and realized the center cross-support, underneath the seat, had rotted out, but could be salvaged by sistering-up adjacent little boards of the same width and nailing everything together.

"Our bodies are of the nature to age," and so is our garden furniture. One neighbor had a hip replacement last fall, and another friend is having a knee replacement on June 8.

This old garden bench just needs a "hip" replacement, and it will be good for several more years.

1 comment:

  1. It's interesting how you cleverly compared an aging bench to replacement surgeries. Sadly, many of us would need such operation to function effectively once more. By the way, have you heard about asr hip recall that's been going on for months? What's you take on this issue?